Annual Lecture 2015: The Ugly Truth

by Tracey Brown, director of Sense About Science

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AllTrials launched in the US with 50 supporting organisations

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Plant Science Panel

Insecticides, biofuels, GMOs …

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Ask for Evidence

in policy, advertising, media and more ...

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News and Comment

October 2015

Annual Lecture podcast

September 2015

A cipher machine used to hide secrets will be auctioned to help reveal medical secrets

We are delighted that Simon Singh, science writer and Sense About Science trustee, is auctioning his WW2 cipher machine to raise money for the AllTrials campaign and Good Thinking. The M-209 is a mechanical cipher machine used by the US military during the Second World War.

Peer Review Week

It’s the inaugural Peer Review week, running from Monday 28th September to Friday 2nd October.

Can you handle the truth? Read Tracey Brown's article

Ahead of her Sense About Science lecture, our director digs around the evidence with some uncomfortable concerns about accountability in public life

Inquiry into the non-publication of government research

Sense About Science is starting an inquiry into the delayed publication and suppression of government research.

Vacancy - Campaigns & Policy Officer

We are recruiting for this new post to support Sense About Science’s campaigns - including AllTrials, Ask for Evidence and the Libel Reform Campaign - and our policy and responsive work.

Ask for Evidence lesson plan launched today

We’ve been working with young people to help them develop the skills they need to critically assess claims online and prevent the spread of unquestioned information.

August 2015

Become an Ask for Evidence ambassador

Sense About Science is recruiting six ambassadors to represent the Ask for Evidence campaign and give talks to different groups across society.

Letter to Scottish Government from research organisations

28 research organisations have written an open letter to the Scottish Minister for Rural Affairs Mr Richard Lochhead in response to his plan to ban GM in Scotland.

July 2015

Pharma company investors call for clinical trials transparency

We’re delighted to announce that investors representing more than €3.5 trillion in assets are supporting the AllTrials campaign.

New edition of Making Sense of Screening launched

Public expectations about screening still don’t match what screening programmes can deliver.

June 2015

GM field trial threatened by vandals publishes results

Scientists ready to answer your questions on new study results.

Allergies Q&A with Mumsnet

Post your allergy questions on the Mumsnet forum to be answered by the experts.

Launch of Making Sense of Allergies

Confusion about allergies is putting people needlessly at risk say experts and medical charities

Sense About Science helps develop website that makes research publicly accessible

Live Q&A – what is putting our potatoes at risk?

Live plant science panel Q&A on Monday 22nd June between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm.

May 2015

New science advice plan for Europe

April 2015

No place for crime fiction in policy

UK election manifestos are misleading voters on crime and evidence.

Got questions about fracking?

Get them answered by an expert in our next live online Q&A

WHO calls for all clinical trial results to be published

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has made it unambiguously clear that researchers have an ethical imperative to make results from all clinical trials – including past trials – publicly available.

What do MPs think of RCTs?

Our survey of MPs’ attitudes has found unexpected support for using randomised controlled trials (RCTs) to test social policy. It also found tensions over fairness, and a preference for personal stories when talking to the public.

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