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Nominations for the Maddox Prize for Standing up for Science

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The anti-lobbying clause

Here's a plan to do better

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'The Ugly Truth'

by Tracey Brown, director of Sense About Science

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Measuring government transparency

New framework rates use of evidence

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May 2016

Call for volunteers: can you help us test how transparent government is?

We are calling for volunteers to help us rate how transparent government is at showing the evidence it uses to justify policies.

April 2016

Government announces suspension of 'anti-lobbying clause’

We are very pleased that the government has realised an exemption is not a solution to this clause.We described the reasons why here and in our correspondence with Matt Hancock and with peers in advance of their debate about it, and in our many calls to anyone in politics who would listen.

Maddox Prize: call for entries now open

2016 What Works Summit: call for submissions

We're organising the 2016 What Works Summit alongside the Campbell Collaboration, 3ie and the What Works Research Centre (Queen's University Belfast). Deadline for submissions is Monday, 25th April 2016.

March 2016

Government plans to stop publicly funded researchers influencing policy. Yes, really.

Stop the government 'anti-lobbying clause'

A proposed change to the wording of government grants would have a serious chilling effect on researchers and others speaking out.

February 2016

RIP Michael Hanlon 1964 - 2016

A true friend to scientific discovery, a true friend to inquiring minds, a true friend.

Plant science panel member answering your questions on Reddit

Professor Huw Jones' 'AMA' (Ask Me Anything) will be on Thursday 4th February, at 4pm GMT.

January 2016

Measuring government transparency

Sense About Science, in partnership with Institute for Government and the Alliance for Useful Evidence, will be running an initial benchmarking exercise in 2016 to see how government is faring on evidence transparency.

'Haven’t the Foggiest' weather quiz launched today

Voice of Young Science members have today launched their latest campaign, a quiz to address misleading use of weather terms.

December 2015

“Best and Worst” of 2015

In 2015, 521 people used the tool to ask organisations and people selling products for supporting information behind claims ranging from silver-lined underpants to London buses that run on used cooking oil.

‘Why “good energy policy” is difficult’

We are extremely proud to have helped organise a lecture given by Professor David MacKay in the House of Lords on Wednesday 2nd December 2015.

Christmas Reading Room 2015

Tis the season for our Christmas Reading Room, a collection of reading recommendations and gift suggestions from some of Sense About Science's trustees, staff and friends. This year’s suggestions range from Atul Gawande to Dr Seuss, Marble run to Pandemic, and with some waterproof socks thrown in for good measure .

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