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But does it make us safer?

26 June 2014

Our Director Tracey Brown has been putting the Ask for Evidence campaign into action herself on some of the many issues that wind her up. She has written a book about challenging the seemingly unanswerable safety and security rules that have been introduced in many areas of life.

Does an airline pilot really need to surrender their tweezers at airport security when they are the one flying the plane? Can a mobile phone really cause an explosion at a petrol station? Are tasers safer than armed response units? And do rules about how many children a parent can take to a swimming pool prevent drowning?

In the Interests of Safety, co-authored with Michael Hanlon, will be published on Thursday 3rd July. If you’re interested in asking for evidence and getting involved with the wider campaign please get in touch.

About In the Interests of Safety:

Steven Poole in the Guardian 

Iain Finlayson The Times (£)

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If you plan to order the book, please use this affiliate link which directs some money to Sense About Science.

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