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What we can do

You don’t need to be a scientist to ask for evidence. Anyone can pick up the phone or send an email asking for evidence behind any claim. But if you need more help, Sense About Science has hundreds of organisations and 5,000 scientists standing by.

We can help you with your response and publicise it. It might become a rallying point for others who have been frustrated by the same claim.

Where we are constantly fire-fighting on a particular issue, we work with scientists and members of the public to draw out the underlying assumptions and to address misconceptions. Examples of this can be seen in the Making Sense of… series and other projects.

When we see misreported research in the papers we invite scientists to respond in our 'For the record' section, so that anyone following up or searching for more can find the scientists’ view.

Tell us about claims you see by emailing report@senseaboutscience.org.  

Other sources of advice and others willing to help

We are adding content and resources to these pages. Please tell us about things that you have found useful and share your experiences of tackling misleading claims by emailing report@senseaboutscience.org.

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