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Annual lecture 2008

What is Science and Why Should We Care?

by Professor Alan Sokal

Chair: Dr Matt Ridley FMedSci

Our third annual lecture took place on 27th February 2008 at the Cruciform Lecture Theatre, UCL, and was delivered by Alan Sokal, Professor of Physics at New York University and Professor of Mathematics at University College, London.

Professor Alan SokalProfessor Sokal's main research interests are in statistical mechanics and quantum field theory.

Among non-physicists, Sokal is probably best known for his famous parody of postmodern science criticism, known as the ‘Sokal Hoax’, which aroused fierce debate in cultural circles, and received widespread coverage in the media, including front-page stories in the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Observer, and Le Monde.



Professor Alan SokalYou can listen to a podcast of the lecture on the Guardian’s website, or download the transcript.

A few days before the lecture, Professor Sokal spoke to Alok Jha on The Guardian’s weekly science podcast, and also wrote an article for the Guardian ‘Taking Evidence Seriously’.



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