The 2015 John Maddox Prize winners

Prof Edzard Ernst and Prof Susan Jebb

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AllTrials launched in the US with 50 supporting organisations

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Annual Lecture 2015: The Ugly Truth

by Tracey Brown, director of Sense About Science

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Ask for Evidence

in policy, advertising, media and more ...

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Food and agriculture

Sense About Science is frequently contacted by members of the public and civic organisations to help them make sense of myths and misconceptions around food and agriculture. Through our plant science panel, a series of online Q&As with plant and environmental scientists and also on our food additives forum, we have tried to address some of these questions related to food and agriculture further. We also respond to those news stories that misrepresent scientific evidence in our For the record section. 

Those interested in Food and Agriculture may also be interested in the Making Sense of GM and Making Sense of Chemical Stories guides. Making Sense of Organic is due to be published soon.