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Nominations for the Maddox Prize for Standing up for Science

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The anti-lobbying clause

Here's a plan to do better

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'The Ugly Truth'

by Tracey Brown, director of Sense About Science

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Measuring government transparency

New framework rates use of evidence

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Health and medicine

Making sense of drug safety science

Investigating the science of side effects 

Making sense of testing

A short guide to why scans and health tests for well people aren't always a good idea.

Making sense of screening

A guide to weighing up the benefits and harms of health screening programmes.

I've got nothing to lose by trying it

A guide to weighing up claims about cures and treatments.

Sense about homeopathy

A two-page guide that describes homeopathy in a scientific context and explores why some people think it works.

Sense about chiropractic

A summary of the evidence surrounding chiropractic treatments.

Sense about bird flu

An introduction to the study and reporting of the H5N1 flu virus.

Sense about brain gym

Countering the pseudoscientific claims made about 'Brain Gym' - a programme of teacher-led physical exercises claimed to improve cognitive abilities.

Evidence-based medicine matters

To mark forty years since the Medicines Act (1968) passed into law in the wake of the thalidomide tragedy we asked doctors, scientists, nurses, patients, professional societies, journal editors, patient groups and other members of the public to tell us why evidence based medicine mattered then and matters now.

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Response to consultation on herbal practitioners.

Evidence to the House of Commons Science &Technology Select Committee on homeopathy.

Investigation into clinics and pharmacies offering unproven homeopathic pills to protect against malaria and other tropical diseases.

Letter from Professor Michael Baum and other scientists to the chief executives of the NHS and Primary Care Trusts raising concerns about the campaigns to increase NHS spending on ‘alternative’ medicine per se.

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