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Individual signatures

The following people have signed the letter to President-designate Jean-Claude Juncker.

Dear Mr Juncker

We write to you with some urgency in response to a letter you will have just received from nine NGOs urging you to abolish the position of Chief Scientific Advisor to the President of the European Commission. The letter, which includes Greenpeace as a signatory as well as other prominent NGO voices, alleges that the "post of Chief Scientific Adviser is fundamentally problematic" and asks you to "scrap this position"1.

As organisations and individuals who share a commitment to improving the evidence available to policy makers, we cannot stress strongly enough our objection to any attempt to undermine the integrity and independence of scientific advice received at the highest level of the European Commission. The mandate of the Chief Scientific Advisor is to "provide independent expert advice on any aspect of science, technology and innovation as requested by the President"2. We would reassert the fundamental value of this role, which is already minimally resourced for the task of improving the use of evidence in policymaking - a goal that attracts strong support across Europe. We would further defend the record of Professor Anne Glover in having delivered impartial and rigorous advice as she is mandated to do in this role. Some of us will be writing to you individually in more detail on these points and on the background to the recognised need for that role and others have written to you previously.

We note that the nine NGOs are opposing not just this position in general but specifically because they disagree with Professor Glover's advice on genetically modified crops and organisms. Professor Glover’s advice can only be based on the conclusions of leading scientific bodies, which is - in the words of a recent European Commission report, that "GMOs are no more risky than conventional plant breeding technologies"3. This fundamental conclusion is reiterated by, among others, the scientific academies of Africa, Europe and elsewhere, the World Health Organisation and the American Association for the Advancement of Science4.

In polarised and divisive policy debates, as we have seen with climate change, it is all the more important that scientifically accurate and rigorous advice is given freely and without fear or favour. Policy makers or lobbyists who seek to remove scientists because they don’t like their findings or advice do so at the peril of their citizens.

Finally, with respect to any organisations engaged in shaping policies in Brussels, we would hope that they would welcome rather than oppose independent evidence-based scrutiny of those policies.

For European citizens to have confidence in the way our institutions evaluate and develop policy, they need to be assured that there is access to independent scientific advice at the highest level and that this independence is not compromised.


Professor Dr Klaus Ammann, Director Botanic Garden, University of Bern

Professor Peter Atkins FRSC

Professor Sir Walter Bodmer FRS FMedSci

Professor Alan R Boobis OBE PhD FSB CBiol FBTS, Imperial College London

Professor Ian Boyd, Chief Scientific Advisor, Defra, Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, UK

Professor Ian Brown OBE FRCP FFOM, University of Oxford

Professor Jonathan Butterworth, University College London

Professor Alan Bundy, University of Edinburgh

Professor David Coggon FMedSci, University of Southampton

Professor Brian Cox OBE, University of Manchester

Professor John Davison, Research Director, INRA French National Agricultural Research Agency

Professor Anthony D Dayan DM FRCP FRCPath FFPM FFOM

Professor Rob Edwards, Head of School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Newcastle University

Dr Torbjörn Fagerström, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Dr Marc Fellous, Emerit Université Denis Diderot

Diana Garnham, Chief Executive, Science Council

Professor Azra Ghani, Imperial College London

Professor Peter Green FRS, University of Bristol

Professor David Hand, Imperial College London

Professor Sir Brian Heap, Chief Scientific Advisor, Cambridge Malaysaian Education and Development Trust

Professor Christopher F Higgins FRSE FRSA FMedSci, Vice-Chancellor and Warden, Durham University

Professor Steve Jones FRS, University College London

Professor Lord (John) Krebs Kt FRS FMedSci

Dr Marcel Kuntz, Director of Research, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

Professor Sir Peter Lachmann, University of Cambridge

Professor Chris Leaver CBE FRS FRSE, Oxford

Dr Robin Lovell-Badge FRS, Head of the Division of Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics, MRC National Institute for Medical Research

Mark Lynas, Visiting Fellow, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University

Professor Julian Ma, Hotung Chair of Molecular Immunology, St George's University of London

Dr John Marsden, King's College London

Professor John McWhirter FRS FREng FLSW, Cardiff University

Professor Piero Morandini, University of Milan

Professor Neville Moray, University of Surrey

Professor Richard Morris FRS, University of Edinburgh

Professor Vivian Moses, King's College London

Professor David J Nutt MRCP MRCPsych FRCPsych FMedSci

Professor Chris Pollock CBE, Aberystwyth University

Professor Guy Poppy, Chief Scientific Advisor, Food Standards Agency

Lord (Martin) Rees, President of Royal Society 2005-10

Professor Filippo Rossi, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Professor John Shepherd FRS, University of Southampton

Professor Trevor Stuart FIC FRS, Imperial College London

Hazel Thornton, Independent Citizen Advocate for Quality in Science and Healthcare

Professor Anthony Trewavas FRS FRSE, Institute of Molecular Plant Science

Professor Robin A Weiss FRS FMedSci, University College London

These individuals have added their names since the letter went live:

Lord (Robert) May of Oxford OM AC FRS FAA FTSE FRSN HonFAIB, Former Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government, Former President of the Royal Society

Professor Peter S. Liss CBE FRS, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia

Professor Jon Ayres OBE, Institute of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, University of Birmingham

Dr Polly M Taylor MA VetMB PhD DipECVAA MRCVS, Independent consultant in veterinary anaesthesia

Dr Agnes Ricroch HDR, Member of the Societe des Gens de Lettres de France, National Correspondent of French National Academy of Agriculture - Deputy Secretary of Life Sciences Section, AgroParisTech

Dr Ferdinando Villa, Ikerbasque Research Professor IKERBASQUE, Basque foundation for Science; Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3)

Professor Robert Bowman, Queen's University Belfast

Ms Catherine Feore

Dr Michael Seed FPharmacolS FSB SFHEA, University of East London

Mr Richard Chatwin, CEO, Science: Gamed

Dr Dee Rawsthorne, Public Engagment Manager Norwich BioScience Institutes

Mr Robert George Kybird, Chairman, Green Energy Technologies Ltd

Professor Peter Challenor, University of Exeter

Benjamen White, Project Support Officer, The Genome Analysis Centre

Ms Deborah Piovan, Farmer

Associate Professor, Jens Sundstrrom Senior Lecturer/extension specialist, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

Dr Frederica Theodoulou, Principal Investigator, Rothamsted Research

Dr Matthew Jones, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, University of Essex

Dr Gareth Richards

Professor Andrew J. Millar, Chair of Systems Biology, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Dr Janet Higgins, Computational Biologist, TGAC

Gavin Whitmore, Biodiversity Manager, European Crop Protection Association

Dr Luke Collie, Development Chemist

Professor Sten Stymne, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Mikkel Vinding, PhD student, Aarhus University

Mr Christopher Wickett

Professort Cyril Zipfel, Head, The Sainsbury Laboratory

Dr Tomas Linder, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Miss Rachel Prior, PhD Student, John Innes Centre

Dr Janneke Balk, Group Leader, University of East Anglia

Ms Sibyl Batey, PhD Student, John Innes Centre

Dr Michael R Roberts, Senior Lecturer Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, UK

Mr Jan Bettgenhaeuser, The Sainsbury Laboratory

Dr Jacob Malone, Lecturer, John Innes Centre/UEA

Mr Christopher J Bennett, Digital Communications Officer, The Genome Analysis Centre

Tilly Eldridge, PhD student, John Innes Centre, Norwich

Mr Robert Ietswaart, Postgraduate student, John Innes Centre

Mr Gerard Blair, News Editor, NHS Choices

Professor Mervyn Bibb FRS, John Innes Centre, Norwich

Mr Jose Nuno Leitao, PhD student, John Innes Centre

Mr Hadrien Peyret, PhD student, John Innes Centre

Mr Peter Emmrich, PhD student, John Innes Centre

Marie Bruser

Dr Duncan, Gaskin Research Scientist, Institute of Food Research

Mr Daniel Knevitt, PhD student

Ms Meena Anissi, Research Assistant

Yazhou Chen

Dr Dario A Breitel, Postdocorate fellow, John Innes Centre

Dr Mike Whitfield, Research Fellow

Dr Kerry I'Anson, Head of IFR Extra Operations

Mr Zane Duxbury,  The Sainsbury Laboratory

Professor Christina Dixelius, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Dr Antonio Serrano-Mislata, Post-doctoral researcher, John Innes Centre

Ms Olivia Kent,  PhD student

Professor Sir David Alan Hopwood, Emeritus Professor ,University of East Anglia

Mr William Anderson

Mr Robert Wilson, PhD Student and writer on energy, University of Strathclyde

Professor Ian T Johnson, Emeritus Fellow, Institute of Food Research

Miss Jemma Hardy-Goddard, Student Scientist, Institute of Food Research

Mrs Angela Mihaylova, DI

Dr Neil Holmes, Post-doctoral Scientist, The John Innes Centre

Dr Rupert Fray, Associate Professor, University of Nottingham

Sir Roger Elliott, Professor, Emeritus Oxford University

Prof Claire Halpin, Professor of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, University of Dundee

Carlos Daniel Lopes dos Santos Abrunheiro

Dr Lorena Fernandez Martinez, John Innes Centre

Dr Sonia Rocha, Reader and Principal Investigator, University of Dundee

Professor Carol MacKintosh, Principal Investigator, University of Dundee

Staf Antoons, Student in agronomic engineering, Ghent University (Belgium)

Dr Oscar Archer

Associate Professor Joshua S. Mylne, ARC Future Fellow, The University of Western Australia

Mr Alistair Walsham, PhD Student, Norwich Medical School

Dr Graham Etherington, Bioninformatician, The Sainsbury Laboratory

Dr Maria Vardakou, Research Scientist, John Innes Centre

Dr Joanne Doleman, research scientist

Judith Adamson

Professor Johan Schot, Director SPRU - Science Policy Research Unit

Professor Patrick J Hussey, Pro Vice Chancellor (Science) and Vice President of the Society of Experimental Biology, Durham University

Sir Peter Knight FRS, Professor, Imperial College London

Dr Sandra Smieszek

David Becker, Student University of Technology, Chemnitz - Germany

Dr Neil Pearson, Bioinformatician, The Genome Analysis Centre

Dr Fernando Geu-Flores, Post-doctoral researcher,  John Innes Centre

Dr Stephen Bornemann, Research group leader

Dr Stephen Rawsthorne, John Innes Centre

Professor Jonathan Jones FRS Senior Scientist, Sainsbury Lab

Dr Anders Örbom, Postdoctoral researcher, University of Wuerzburg, Germany

Dr Aleksandar Stevic, Research fellow King's College, Cambridge

Dr Charis Cook, University of Warwick

Professor J Allan Downie, Emeritus Fellow, John Innes Centre

Mr Nick, Student, UEA

Professor Hugh Dickinson, Professor, University of Oxford

Mrs Rachel Melton, Research Assistant

Miss Christine Wilson, PhD student, John Innes Centre

Dr Paul Nicholson, Research project leader, John Innes Centre

Dr Francesca Stefanato, Post doc researcher, NIAB

Dr Martin Ayling, TGAC

Dr John P. Carr, University Senior Lecturer, University of Cambridge

Mr Matthew Evans, PhD student, John Innes Centre

Dr Ruth Bastow,  Global Plant Councol

Dr Sarah McKim, Principal Investigator, University of Dundee

Nikolai Adamski, Post-Doctoral Scientist, John Innes Centre

Dr Jeremy Murray, Project Leader, John Innes Centre

Dr Corinne Appia-Ayme, Postdoctoral research assistant, John Innes Centre

Mr Matthew Couchman, Bioinformatician, John Innes Centre

Dr Neil Morrison

Mr Andrew Dawson, PhD Student, The Sainsbury Laboratory

Professor John A Raven FRS, FRSE, Emeritus Professor, University of Dundee

Dr Mark Lorch, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Hull

Dr Anne-Cecile Declais, senior research associate, University of Dundee

Tobia Paterno

Dr Jose De Vega-Bartol, Postdoctoral researcher, The Genome Analysis Center

Mr Jim Godfrey, Farmer

Dr Andrew Cuming, The University of Leeds

Jani-Petri Martikainen PhD, Lecturer, Aalto University

Dr Howard Cooper, NHS Manager

Ms Lou Del Bello, Multimedia editor, SciDevNet

Mr Andrew Robert, McIntyre MSc student, John Innes Centre

Dr Thomas G. McWilliams

Dr Greg M. Findlay, Principal Investigator, University of Dundee

Mr Daniel Smith, Lab Tech, JIC

Dr Ross Mounce, Postdoc, University of Bath

Dr Sandra Hey, Researcher

Mr Neal Brooks, Member of the Royal Institution

Mr Stephen J Henstridge

Professor Kate Storey, Head of Cell & Developmental Biology, Chair of Neural Development College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee

Mr Phillip Stockton,  Director, Accord Energy Solutions Ltd

Dr Joost Zomerdijk, Principal Investigator, University of Dundee

Katelyn Saarinen

Mr Lee Kellingray, PhD researcher, Institute of Food Research

Professor Rodomiro Ortiz, Faculty Professor, Genetics & Plant Breeding, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Dr Angela Mehlert, University of Dundee

Dr Juan Rojo, University Lecturer, University of Oxford

Alistair Gemmell, PhD student, University of Glasgow

Mr Michael Porter, Research Assistant, University of Dundee

Mr David Dubost Locum, Pharmacist, Green Party

Professor Alan Fairlamb CBE MB ChB PhD FLS FRSE FMedSci FSB, Wellcome Principal Research Fellow, University of Dundee

Dr Max Bush, Research Assistant, The John Innes Centre

Dr John Runions, Reader in Cell and Molecular Biology, Oxford Brookes University

Dr Maurice Bosch, Senior Research Scientist, Aberystwyth University

Professor Leif Lonnblad, Lund University

Chiara Vivaldi, Concerned citizen (works for healthcare organisation)

Dr Kerstin Kramer, Government Affairs, Adama Agricultural Sciences

Dr Christopher Andrew, Woodland Indipendant Investigator, University of Dundee

Dr Penny Hundleby, Senior Scientist, John Innes Centre

Miss Lisa Grayson, H&S Officer, University of Dundee

Professor John Bryant, Emeritus, University of Exeter

Jose Rui, Faustino de Sousa

Dr Francesco Lescai, Associate Professor, Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University

Mr Peter Herthelius, Former senior adviser to SIDA (Agriculture)

Dr Helen Hayward,  University of Liverpool

Dr Sara Judith Brown, Clinical Academic University of Dundee

Mr Christopher M Mortimer

Professor Shaun Treweek, Professor of Health Services Research, University of Aberdeen

Professor Timothy Flowers, Professor in Plant Physiology

Mr Michael Nash, Consultant Engineer

Dr Ian Roberts, NCYC

Janice Rickert, Mueller

Sanjie Jiang

Dr Devon Kavanaugh, Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Food Research

Professor Giles Oldroyd, John Innes Centre

Dott. Alessandra Biondi Bartolini, Agronomist, Science writer

Dr Adolfo Games, Veterinarian

Professor Marc Robinson-Rechavi, University of Lausanne

Mr Graeme Sneddon, Student 

Diana Barbosa Biologist, Casa das Ciências 

Mrs Ivone Cláudia Barreira dos Santos Fachada, Science Centre coordinato, Braganza's Science Center

Professor H. John Newbury, Head of Institute, University of Worcester

Professor Calestous Juma, Director, Science Technology & Globalization, Harvard Kennedy School

Dr Arthur HF Hosie, Senior Lecturer in Microbiology, University of Bedfordshire

Dr Stephen W Sadler, University of Sheffield

Mrs Elizabeth Steger, Registered Nurse

Dr Wendy Harwood, Senior Scientist, John Innes Centre

Anna Meldolesi, Science Journalist

Dr Steve Matthews, University of Dundee

Professor Joanna Chataway, Professor of Innovation and Development, Open University

Dr Colin Lazarus, Reader in Molecular Genetics, University of Bristol

Dr Karen Halliday, Reader, Edinburgh University

Professor Renate Pieper Karl-Franzens University

Dr Marga Gual Soler, Research Scholar, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Dr Baptiste Gault, Publisher, Elsevier

Mrs Deusa Deise Santos de Abreu, PhD student, University of Cambridge

Dr Martin Reddington, Former Director of Scientific Affairs, Human Frontier Science Program, IBMS

Juliana Mendes MSc, Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine, UCL

Mrs Vicky Millins

Ms Sally Hawkins, Digital Project Administrator, Society for General Microbiology

Mr Peter Farrie, Songwriter

Dr Ian Furner, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge

Dr Simone Maccaferri, Research Manager, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna

Mr Richard Killian, University of Greenwich

Dr Paul Antony Kroon, Research Leader Institute of Food Research, Norwich

Dr Katharine Leney, University College London

Dr Gary Sibbet BICR

Mrs Cathy Jane Mumford, Field Trials Manager, John Innes Centre

Ms Rebecca Edwards, PhD student, Institute of Food Research

Dr Emma Bastow, John Innes Centre, Norwich

Moreno Colaiacovo, Bioinformatician

Dr Stefan Kepinski, University of Leeds

Dr Louise Horsfall, Lecturer in Biotechnology, University of Edinburgh

Mr Sebastian Achterfeldt, PhD student, Institute of Food Research

Miss Isabel Webb, PhD student, John Innes Centre, Norwich

Dr Elizabeth Ingle, University of East Anglia and John Innes Centre

Dr Konstantinos Vlachonasios, Assistant Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Dr Martin Dominik, Royal Society, University Research Fellow, University of St Andrews

Professor Michael Bevan FRS, Strategic Programme Leader, John Innes Centre

Professor Alan Heavens, Director,  ICIC, Imperial College London

Mr Roger Tattersall BA (hons), History and Philosophy of Science, University of Leeds

Professor Donald Grierson OBE FRS, Emeritus Professor, University of Nottingham

Professor Christophe Robaglia, Lab Head, Aix Marseille University

Lars-Göran Eriksson, Concerned citizen

Dr Rosa Lozano-Dur'an

Dr Lara Dugas

Mr Andi Gaywood, Nutritionist

Mr Klaus D. Witzel, Independent Researcher

Dr Alice Pearce, Scientist

Mr John Heil, PhD candidate,  University of Waterloo

Dr Barbara M. Lund, Emeritus Fellow, Institute of Food Research, Norwich

Mr Ian Bilquist, Geologist

Dr Indrayani Ghangrekar

Miss Ioana Lock

Professor Stephen Curry, Professor of Structural Biology, Imperial College

Dr David Doran

Dr Richard Gold, Cyber Security Specialist, Cisco

Professor David A Fell, Professor of Systems Biology, Oxford Brookes University

Mr David Hess

Professor David W Burt, Professor, Edinburgh university

Ariane Beldi PhD

Mr Simon Bennett

Dr Tatjana Singer, Scientist, Illumina Inc.

Dr Donald Roland Keiller, Principal Lecturer in Life Sciences

Dr Andrew Waite, Member of Technical Staff and Engineer

Mr Mauricio-José Schwarz, Science Writer and Journalist, Diario El Correo

Professor Clive Lloyd, Emeritus Fellow, John Innes Centre

Mr Sandy Matheson, Music Therapist, Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy in Scotland

Mr Graham Strouts, Teacher

Mr Christopher, Fitness Instructor

Mrs Pauline Tanner

Mr Milivoje Vukcevic MSc

Professor Laszlo P. Csernai, University of Bergen

Professor Calestous Juma FRS Hon FREng, Director Science Technology and Globalization, Harvard Kennedy School

Roger Gough, retired

Mr Tim Metcalfe

Anna Stavrinides

Mr Christopher Voytal, Student

Professor Alison Gail Smith, Professor of Plant Biochemistry, University of Cambridge

Professor Nicholas PJ Brindle

Mr Thomas Mason

Dr Karel du Pré, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr Ian Francis Musgrave, Senior Lecture in Pharmacology, University of Adelaide

Dr Umberto Cannella,  Physics Teacher

Ciarán McDonnell, Budding Biochemist

Miss Kejal Nitin Dodhia, Research Assistant, Molecular Diagnostics and Pathogen Quantification Centre for Crop and Disease Management, Curtin university

Mr Nicholas Tesdorf, RAIA-RIBA

Dr Geert De Jaeger

Miss Madeline Tucker

Professor Balasubramanian Ponnuswami, Group Leader, Centre for Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Tamil Nadu, Agricultural University

Dr Madhav L Khandekar, Retired Scientist,  Environment Canada

Jeremy Harpur

Mr Anthony M O'Neill, Professional Engineer

Professor Piet van der Meer,  University of Ghent and University of Brussels

Dr Bernard Rochet

Mrs Helen Ap-Rhisiart, Gardener

Professor Laurent Zimmerli,  Associate Prof. National Taiwan University

Dr Chris Eley FRSC

Mr Kris Graham, Economist

Mr Nea Emery

Professor Dirk INZE, Director Ghent University

Thomas Vincent

Knud Nielsen

Mr Andrew Markos, Medical Student

Mr Riccardo Oldani, Science Journalist Freelance

Professor Muhsin N. Harakeh, Emeritus Professor University of Groningen

Dr Elizabeth Mitchell, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Institute of Public Health in Ireland

Dr Leemans, Board Member

Johnnie Shannon, Geospatial Software Specialist

Dr Robin, Senior Reader in Soil, Microbial Ecology & Biotechnology, Manchester Metropolitan University

Mr Jeremy Poynton

Mr Victor John Tointon

Mr Nathan Archer, PhD candidate

Miss Eleanor Tomsett

Rainer Klute

Dr Amaia Irizar

Mr Benjamin Heard, PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide

Mr Roderick Campbell

Mr Len Hutton

Emily West, Marie Curie Researcher, VUmc Amsterdam

Brynja Adam-Radmanic, Blogger and Freelance Journalist

Mr Thomas McMillen

Dr Antonio Gomes da Costa, Science Communication Consultant

Dr Christian Unger, Stem Cell Scientist, University of Sheffield

Josef Zens, Head of Communications, Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine

Dr Oliver Thompson, Post Doctoral Scientist, University of Sheffield

Gerjon Ikink, Netherlands Cancer Institute

Ms Ruth Nottingham, PhD student, University of Nottingham

Professor Godelieve Gheysen, Ghent University

Mr Robert A F Emmett, Systems Engineer (Retired)

Dr Oliver Fenwick, Université de Strasbourg

Professor Jean-Pierre Zryd, Université de Lausanne

Dr Andrew P Lucy, Founder, Ek-Legein Connections

Dr William Town, President, Kilmorie Consulting

Dr Thomas Potuschak, Charge de recherche, IBMP-CNRS

Mr Adam Gallon BSc (Hons) III, Chemistry Professor

Léon Otten, Professor of Molecular Plant Pathology, University of Strasburgem

Professor Walter Fiers, Retired but still active as advisor, University of Ghent and VIB

Mr Alan David Castell, Pharmacist

Dr Jean-Luc Evrard, Executive Director of IBMP CNRS

Mag Otto Weinzierl, Geologist

Dr Abi Witherden 

Madlen Stephani MSc.

H.D. Mellema, Controller, VRC

Professor Toby Bruce, Research Scientist, Rothamsted

Mr Andrew Tongue, Senior Research Assistant, RSPB

Miss Charlotte Newall, Natural Sciences Undergraduate, Open University

Mr Jonathan LaGasse, Environmental Science Student

Dr James W Cooper,  Scientist and Writer

Dr David J. Brown, Associate Professor, Washington State University, USA

Mr Sam Pratten, Zoology Student

Antônio Carlos Pinto Oliveira

Mr Hamish Stewart, Field manager- Poppy growing

Dr Dennis Eriksson, Education Coordinator PlantLink

Professor Jon Jenkins

Kathleen Scott, Retired Architect

Rev Josie Reya-Zofia Nemo

Mr David Watts, European 

Ms Jessica Stringer, Registered Nurse

Dr Emlyn Corrin, Physicist,  Software Engineer at SwiftKey

Professor Jeff Terry, Illinois Institute of Technology

Dr Christopher S Zalewski, Postdoctoral Fellow in Synthetic Biology and Biofuels, Colorado State University

Professor Marcel Gutiérrez-Correa, Director,  Laboratorio de Micologi­a y Biotecnologia, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Peru

Mr James Porter, MSc

Professor David Hornby, Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Sheffield

Mr Guido Gybels, ICT Expert

Mr John Charles-Jones, Farmer

M.A. Milisav Radmanic

Mr Douglas Cope

Mr Geoff Whittaker, Agricultural Lawyer, UK Agricultural Law Association, Comité Européen de Droit Rural

Mr George Crawford, Police officer

Dr Marie Nyman

Ms Fiona A Jameson, IT Manager, Animal Technologist,  Institute of Animal Technology, Laboratory Animal Science Association

Dr Heleen van de Weerd, Director, Cerberus Associates Ltd

Professor Claire Suzanne Grierson

Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol

Dr Tim Fawcett, Research Fellow, University of Bristol

Mr Kevin VS Marshall

Mr Konstantinos Michalis, Postgraduate Student, University of Bristol

Mr David Anthony Lascelles, Tutor in Anatomy and Physiology

Miss Sheelagh Heugh, Academic Group Leader, London Metropolitan University

Dr Isabel Pires, Research Group Leader and Lecturer

Dr Robert O.J. Weinzierl, Reader in Molecular Biology, Imperial College London

Dr Nicolas Le Novere, Senior Group Leader, Babraham Institute CNRS

Dr Tudno Gareth Lewis Watkins, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (rtrd)

Mr Scott Hayes, PhD Student, The University of Bristol

Dr Mimi Tanimoto, Executive Officer, UK Plant Sciences Federation

Dr Martijn Zwijnenburg

Miss Kathryn Ford, PhD Student, University of Bristol

Mr David Alvis, Fellow of the Institute of Agricultural Management

Professor Annette Schürmann, German Institute of Human Nutrition, Department of Experimental Diabetology

Ms Armela Dino, R&D Policy Analyst, Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness

Dr Nicholas L. Charlton, Ecologist

Professor Paul Graham Wyatt, Professor of Drug Discovery, University of Dundee

Debra Canton-Stoker, Norwich BioScience Institutes

Mr James Lipscombe, Research Assistant, The Genome Analysis Centre

Miss Olivia Godber, PhD student, University of Bristol

Professor Matthew Terry, University of Southampton

Dr Nicolas Burton, Director, Inspiralis Ltd

Professor Lars Ostergaard, Head of Department, John Innes Centre

Dr David Lawson, Senior Scientist, John Innes Centre

Dr Abderrahman Hachani, Research associate, Imperial College

Dr Claire West, Genetic Data Analyst, JIC

Dr William G  F Whitfield, Associate Dean, College of Life Sciences,  University of Dundee

Ms Ciara Shortiss, Student

Dr Jiang Yan, Medical Writer

Miss Rachel Mapp, Academic Administration Assistant, The University of Bristol

Ms Jeanette Newman, Project Scientist, Institute of Food Research

Dr Martin Webb, Institute of Food Research

Dr Sue Hewitt, Training Manager, Norwich Biosciences Institutes

Dr Jenni Rant, John Innes Centre

Dr Kate de Mattos-Shipley, Post-doctoral Researcher,  University of Bristol

Mr Alexander Goldhill, Student and Concerned Citizen

Dr Hugh Woolfenden, Post Doctoral Scientist, John Innes Centre

Dr Andrew Truman, Project Leader, John Innes Centre

Dr Guido Velten

Professor Ivan Ingelbrecht VIB-Ghent University

Dr Clyde Davies, Learning Systems Analyst, University of Nottingham

Miss Rebecca Spanner, Year in Industry Student, John Innes Centre

Mr Edward Chalstrey, Pre-doctoral Intern, The Sainsbury Laboratory

Professor Paul Jarvis, Professor of Plant Cell Biology, Department of Plant Sciences,  University of Oxford

James Foster

Dr Lauren Tedaldi, Project Support Officer, Sense About Science

Dr Jon Urch, Public Engagement Co-ordinator, University of Dundee

Professor Janet Bainbridge

Mr Ian Bushfield, Campaigns Support Officer, Sense About Science

Mr Matthew Bacon, Student

Dr Emmanuel Adukwu, Lecturer

Dr Gerard Swaen, Senior epidemiologist Maastricht University

Dr Mathew Lewsey, Marie Curie Research Fellow, Centro Nacional Biotecnologia, Madrid

Dr Natalia Perez, Research Scientist, Institute of Food Research

Professor Richard Sharpe, Group Leader, University of Edinburgh

Miss Lydia Le Page, PhD student, University of Oxford

Dr Sven Bestmann, Reader in Motor Neuroscience, University College London

Dr Lorraine Tilbury, Expert Toxicologist, Founder of Global Regulatory Communications Society of Toxicology

Dr Fran Robson, Manager of TILLING Facility, John Innes Centre

Professor Paul A Fowler, Chair in Translationsl Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen

Dr Clare Lister, Research Assistant, John Innes Centre

Mr Rui Barata

Professor Peter McCaffery, Co-Director of the Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen

Dr Erik Alexandersson, Assisting Professor, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Professor Nick Brewin, Emeritus Fellow, John Innes Centre

Professor Julian Blow, University of Dundee

Caroline Matthijs, PhD student, University of Ghent

Dr Marina Pais, Post-doctoral researcher, The Sainsbury Laboratory

Johannes Klug, University of Heidelberg

Dr David Marjanović, unpaid Visiting Researcher, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin

Mrs Sophie Nedelec, PhD researcher, University of Bristol

Mr Richard Goram, Research Assistant

Ms Victoria Pui Wa Auyeung

Professor Philippa Saunders, Director, Postgraduate Research Training College of Medicine and Vet Medicine, University of Edinburgh

Dr Henk-jan Schoonbeek, Post-doctoral,  John Innes Centre

Leonard Schuele

Mr Stuart Jones, Clinical Scientist

Mr Giovanni Tagliabue, Independent researcher

Professor Christian Keysers, Head of Department, Netherlands institute for neuroscience

Professor Keith Davidson, Research scientist

Dr Jelle Van Leene, Postdoc, VIB/UGHENT

Ian Brooks BSc (Hons)

Mr Niels De Smet, Communications assistant, VIB

Dr Tournayre Jean-claude, Scientific Advisor

Ms Joanna Dupont-Inglis, Director, Industrial Biotechnology EuropaBio

Mrs Ali Pendle, Researcher, John Innes Centre

Katrien Claes, PhD student, University of Ghent, VIB, Belgium

Dr Alex Van Moerkercke, Researcher, VIB

Mr Matthew Jacobs, PhD Student

Mrs Sarah Louise Bolt, Extension officer

Dr Dimitri Van Simaeys, Post doctoral scientist, U Miami

Dr Einar Mäntylä, Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Iceland

Dr Louise Tailford, Research Scientist Institute of Food Research

Mr Tim Edgar

Dr Eirikur Steingrimsson, Professor University of Iceland

Dr Ian Mackay, Programme Leader, NIAB

Professor Peter Scott, Institute of Education, University of London

Willem Hofland, Director Advocacy

Dr Huw Jones, Senior Researcher, NIAB

Samantha Bean, Quality and Risk Manager NBIP, John Innes Centre

Dr Torsten Hoffmann, Biologist

Dr ir Alexandros Nikolaou, Post-doc

Dr Anders Eriksson

Professor Peter Bramley, Emeritus professor of biochemistry, Royal Holloway

Dr Vasilios Andriotis, Research Scientist, John Innes Centre

Jānis Ķimsis, Postgraduate researcher

Mr Dominic Thorrington, Research Degree Student, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Professor David Balding, Professor of Statistical Genetics, University College London

Mr Jonathan Clarke

Justyna Krachulec MSc, PhD student, University of Heidelberg

Professor Robert Insall Beatson, Institute for Cancer Research

Dr Eric Martin,  Retired science lecturer

Mr Sean Haffey

Dr Sharon Zytynska, Scientist (postdoc), Technische Universität München, Germany

Professor Clive Orchard,  University of Bristol

Mr Duncan Moore, PhD student, University of Sussex

Professor Bernard Cohen, Emeritus Professor, London City University

Dr Jonathan Pritchard, Lecturer in Astrostatistics, Imperial College London

Professor Philip Dawid, Emeritus Professor of Statistics, University of Cambridge

Professor Denis J Murphy, Head of Computational Biology Research, University of South Wales

Dr Peeters Katelijne, Neurologist, Jessa hospital Hasselt, Belgium

Dr Fergus Guppy

Dr Robert Spooner

Dr John Robin Highley, Senior Lecturer in Neuropathology, University of Sheffield

David Malone, PhD student, Karolinska Institutet

Dr Claire Potter, Postdoctoral Researcher, King's College London

Professor Robert Gurney, Professor of Earth Observation Science, University of Reading

Professor Ellen Solomon,  King's College London

Jennie Kermode

Dr Laurens Pauwels, Postdoctoral scientist, Ghent University

Dr Jonathan Stoye, Head of Virology, NIMR

Miss Stephanie Smith, PhD Student, University of Nottingham

Professor Annette Dolphin FMedSci, Professor of Pharmacology, University College London

Professor J. Paul Bolam, Neuroscientist, University of Oxford

Dr Helena Seth-Smith, Marie Curie Research Fellow, University of Zurich

Mr Alastair Hawkes BSc, PhD student, The University of Nottingham

Miss Nadia Tyler-Rubinstein, PhD Candidate, Imperial College London

Mr Charles Snart MRes, PhD Student, University of Nottingham

Mr Giacomo Conlon,  Retail manager

Miss Lisa Bishop, PhD student

Dr Ana Rita Faria Vidal Jorge, Head of Reasearch, RCVS Knowledge

James Thorbjornsen

Dr John Hoskins, Consultant toxicologist

Ms Brenda S. Diederich, Concerned Citizen and Teacher

Professor Frank Odds, Emeritus Professor of Medical Mycology, University of Aberdeen

Mr Gavin Fullstone, Researcher, University College London

Professor Peter Hedden, Project leader, Rothamsted Research

Dr David Brown, Research Fellow, University of Warwick & Queen's University Belfast

Mr Patrick Burke

Dr Nigel Poole,  Ambassador, ICRISAT

Dr Alexandra C Brand, Royal Society, University Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen

Ms Stefanie Knappe, PhD student, King's College London

Dr Donna MacCallum, Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen

Michael Karban

Dr Megan Lenardon, Senior Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen

Mr Brendan Hallahan, PhD student, National University of Ireland Galway

Mr Colm Treacy, University Lecturer & Honorary Clinician

Dr Keith Baker,  School of Engineering and the Built Environment, Glasgow Caledonian University

Mr Jeremy Drake

Mr Peter Ebkar, Engineer

Dr Mark McCrum, Technical Director, Bright Ascension Ltd

Mr Devasish Goswami

Liz Rice

Professor Jeremy B A Green, Professor of Developmental Biology, King's College London

Dr Gordon B Drummond, Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

Dr John Hancock, Bioinformatician

Mrs Verity Newman, Sculptor

Dr Philipp Aerni, Director, CCRS, Unversity of Zurich

Sarah Christie, Wildlife Conservsationist, Zoological Society of London

Dr Elizabeth Glennon, Neuroscientist

Dr Shri Mohan Jain, Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki

Dr Stevens M Brumbley, Associate Professor, University of North Texas

Professor Tony Greenfield, Medical computing and statistics, retired

Professor Michael Lipton, Research Professor of Economics, Sussex University, and Fellow, British Academy

Dr Janice Taverne, Parasitologist

Mr Craig Hatfield Hutcheson, Director, R&D Alternative Energy

Dr Henri Kester

Mr Michael Thomas, PhD Student, University of Nottingham

Severin Garvey McKenzie

Professor Alistair J P Brown, ERC Advanced Grant Holder, University of Aberdeen

Mrs Stephanie Drysdale, PhD student in Medical Science

Professor Sir Colin Berry Professor, Emeritus, Queen Mary, London

Hoai-Viet Pham

Mr James Servaes, Farmer, Country Land & Business Association

Franziska Fischer, PhD Student, University of Cambridge

Ms Sonya Pemberton, Creative director, Genepool Productions

Mr Reece Ingram, Student, Nottingham Trent University

Stewart N Thorpe

James Ruvio

Professor Liane G Benning, Professor in Experimental Biogeochemistry, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds

Professor Peter J Roberts, Professor of Pharmacology, University of Bristol

Dr A Coutts, Post-doc, University of Oxford

Mr David Pollock, Former president, European Humanist Federation, Current trustee, British Humanist Association

Mr George A. Butel, Retired

Mr Ben Richardson

Dr Sylvain Massip, R&D engineer

Dr Andrew Richards

Dr Robert Arridge FInstP, Retired, Reader in physics, University of Bristol

Sebastian Olényi, PhD Researcher, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Mr Jonathon Harrington

Ms Denise Anderson-Moll

Ilaria Furlan

Mr David Hyams

Mr Robert Jenkins

Joseph Najjar, Graduate Student

Jade Newsome, Graduate Student

Mr Kyle Sardonicus Amadeus Stanfield

Mr Daniel Devine

Miss Van Cauwelaert, Architect, Mother

Mr William Blair, Biomedical Scientist

Professor John Postgate, Emeritus Professor of Microbiology, University of Sussex

Master Christopher Winnard, Student

Dr Victor Madeira

Milan Radoja

Dr Dominique Morneau

Dr Andrew Conway Morris, Clinical Lecturer, University of Cambridge

Dame Bridget Ogilvie FRS, Vice Chair, Sense About Science

Mr Adrian Kevin John, Retired

Dr Malin Elfstrand,  Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Dr Ewald Kappes

Dr Katie Jones, Clinical Biochemist

Charles Haynes,  Post graduate student,  University College London

Dr Sergio Gonzalez Sanchez, Researcher, University of Manchester

Mr Wu Joong

Mr Leslie Hearn, School teacher

Professor William Russell, Emeritus Professor, University of St Andrews

Dr Malcolm Cornwall, Retired University Lecturer in Physics, Open University

Dr Malcolm Rhodes, Senior industry fellow, University of Manchester

Helen Palmer

Dr Jenny Mortimer, Centre for Sustainable Resource Science, RIKEN

Mr Alec H Evans, Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Dr Stefan Rauschen, Scientific Officer, Forschungszentrum Jülich

Professor Neil A.R. Gow, Director of Research, College of Life Sciences and Medicine,  University of Aberdeen

Rebecca Gillen

Professor Lynda Erskine, Professor, University of Aberdeen

Dr Sam Mugford, Research Scientist, John Innes Centre

Professor John Douglas Goss-Custard, School of Applied Sciences, Bournemouth University, UK

Mr Liam Reynolds, PhD Student

Dr Magni Bjarnason, Consultant

Heinz-Josef Sprengkamp MA Mag rer publ

Mr Alan McDougall Johnston FRSC FSB, University Court Assessor, University of Edinburgh

Professor William George Hill FRSE FRS, Emeritus, University of Edinburgh

Dr Stephen Minger, Chief Scientist, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Dr Sarah Shailes, Post Doctoral Scientist, John Innes Centre

Miss Isabel Ward, Healthcare communications consultant, CCA

Mrs Roxanne King, Consultant, CCA

Dr Lionel Hill, Analytical chemist, John Innes Centre

Miss Lynnette van Heerden, Clinical trial patient recruitment consultant, Chandler Chicco Agency, inVentiv Health Group

Maura Bracaloni,  Teacher

Dr Fran Mulholland, Institute of Food Research

Hinse Boonstra, Public and Government Affairs Manager, Bayer CropScience

Mr Henry Dixon

Dr Nicole Krämer, Senior Statistician, Technische Universität München

Mr Aake Barklund, Former Director, The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry

Paolo Zaccaria, Bionformatics consultant

Jack Whitfield

Riccardo Fanciola, Journalist

Mr Andrew Notman

Mr Roberto Maina

Dr Petra Jorasch, Molecular Biologist

Mr Greg Strickland, Computer systems analyst

Antonio Zapparata

Miss Sally Le Page, Evolutionary biologist, University of Oxford

Dr Sarah Smith, Post doctoral researcher, Durham University

Mr Harbans Marway, Laboratory Assistant, TGAC

Professor Richard Braun, Emeritus

Dr Franck Fourniol, Postdoctoral Fellow, Cancer Research UK

Mr Marco Marconi, PhD student, CBGP

Dr Francesca D'Antona, Associate Astronomer (retired), Istituto Nazionale Astrofisica (Italy)

Dr Daniele Vilone, Postdoc ISTC - CNR (Italian National Research Council)

Mr Mattia Bertinelli, Student

Massimo Saviotti, Acoustic Engineer

Giovanni Perini

Rosey Dunn, Farmer

Emanuela Guizzo, Retired teacher

Anita Lavorgna

Professor John Christie McGrath, Editor in Chief, British Journal of Pharmacology

Marco Sala, Student

Edoardo Paravano

Susanne Günther

Valerio Foscoli, Student

Dr Michael Bloomfield, Clinical Research Fellow, Medical Research Council

Cavalleri Matteo

Mr Guy Gagen, Chief Arable Adviser, National Farmers Union

Christopher Blanks, Chemist

Professor Carolyn Roberts, The KTN, and Gresham College

Mr Oliver Savory

Professor Ulrich Schurr, Institute director, Forschungszentrum Jülich

Stefano Oliviero

Dr Deborah Rathbone, Feedstock Development Manager, Biorenewables Development Centre

Dr Eric M Meslin, Director and Professor, Indiana University Center for Bioethics

Mr Ralph Lionel Sutton

Mr Daniel Edebro, Engineer

Professor Dr Wolfgang Dekant, Professor of Toxicology, Universität Würzburg

Dr Stefan Uttenthaler, Scientific Project Officer, Austrian Science Fund FWF

Dr Stephen John Hammond, Industrial chemist 

Dr Walter Zwick

Professor Angelo Moretto,  University of Milano

Dr Lucy Harper, Deputy Chief Executive, Society for Applied Microbiology

Mr Les Rose, Clinical science consultant, Pharmavision Consulting Ltd

Mr Clive Bates

Miss Catherine Barrett

Alexis Thomann Postdoc CNRS

Devang Mehta Scientific, PhD Fellow, ETH Zurich

Dr Marta Schuhmacher, Profesor of Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering Departament, Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Mr Timothy Buckeridge

Mr Ben Taylor, Science teacher

Mr Matthew Evans, Student

Susan Ferner

Dr Kevin M Folta, Professor and Chairman, University of Florida

Jonathan Lilburn, Quality technician

Mrs Pauline Ann Walton, Student, University East Anglia

Miss Jemima Brinton, PhD student, John Innes Centre

Dr Ir Jeroen Wilmer,  Biogemma

Mr Andrew Wilson

Dr Martyn Griffiths

Floris De Raedt

Dr John Walshaw, Senior Research Associate, Institute of Food Research

Andy Brunning

Dr Richard Banks, Consultant Physician (Rtd), Gloucestershire Royal Hospitals NHS Trust

Ms Esperanza Castro, Geologist

Professor Henrietta Dombey, Emeritus, University of Brighton

Professor Stefan Jansson, Umeå plant science centre

Dr David Andres Montaner

Mr Robert Wager MSc, Laboratory Demonstrator, Vancouver Island University

Dr Uwe Schrader, Biologist

Martin Moder, Master student

Dr Florian Aigner, Science Editor, Vienna University of Technology

Dieter Ratz

Dr O Kotresh

Dr Jehad Shaikhali, Researcher, Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology

Professor Helen Galley, Professor of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, University of Aberdeen

Mr Dale Simkin, IT Support Specialist, John Innes Centre

Dr Siamsa M Doyle, Postdoctoral researcher, Umeå Plant Science Centre, Sweden

Professor Sir Colin Blakemore Director, Centre for the Study of the Senses, School of Advanced Study, University of London

Dr Fiona Murray, Senior Lecturer,  University of Aberdeen

Professor Dr Ulrich Berger, Professor of economics, WU Vienna

Mr Jens Hoegel, Research Programme Officer, Biotechnologies, European Commission

Dr Martin Stocks, Plant Bioscience Ltd and Iceni Seedcorn Fund

Dr Christa Federspiel, Science-Journalist

Dr Allison Carrington,  School of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen

Mrs Katharine, Teacher

Dr Braconnier Serge, Ecophysiologist, Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement

Miss Jennifer Walton, PhD Student, John Innes Centre

Professor Selim Cetiner, Program Coordinator, Sabanci University

Dr Donald Coppen

Dr Michael Hultström, Associate Professor of Physiology, Uppsala University

Mr Graham Watson, Health and Safety Manager

Dr Steven Shorrock, European Safety Culture Programme Leader, EUROCONTROL

Mr James Mills

Dr Dominic Dwyer, Reader, Cardiff University

Mr Simon Allen. Custody officer

Dr Nikolaus Weiskopf, Senior Lecturer, University College London

Mr James Cox, Farmer

Dr Dominic Hursy, Clinical Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London

Doctor Marijn van Jaarsveld, Postdoctoral researcher, Netherlands Cancer Institute

Mr Andrew Crossley, Farm manager

Dr Kenneth Skeldon, Head of Public Engagement with Research, University of Aberdeen

Gianfranco Bangone, science journalist

Miss Angharad Nia Williams, PhD student, Cardiff University

Dr Heather Doran, Project Officer, Public Engagement with Research, University of Aberdeen

Mag Monika Fischer, PR & Fundraising, Förderkreis Astronomie und Raumfahrt der Orion

Dr Maciej D Zatonski, Senior Research Fellow

Mr Thomas Bradshaw

Mr Matthew Audley, PhD Student, Rothamsted Research

Mr Austin Hackney, Ornithologist, BTO

Pete Alder

Mr Martyn Norris, Health Care Assistant

Dr James Verdon, Research Fellow, University of Bristol

Mr Keith Gue, BSc

Dr David Hughes, Head of Technology, Scouting Syngenta

Dr Helen Fones, Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Hilde Nelissen

Dr Victoria Ley, Director of R&D, Department Agency for Health in Sports

Mr Hugh Hodkinson, Chartered Chemical Engineer

Mr John Collen, Farmer

Dr Catherine Bellini, Professor Umea University, Sweden

Dr David McGonigle

Professor Philip Christopher Hannaford, Vice Principal of Research and Knowledge Exchange, University of Aberdeen

Professor Siegfried Hapfelmeier,  University of Bern, Switzerland

Dr Claudio Bortolin, Researcher, Innsbruck University

Matthias Demmelbauer

Jamey Rosen

Piera Ceccarelli, PhD, Teacher

Dr Ludger Wess, Managing Partner, Akampion

Mr Roy David Marsh, European Patent Attorney

Mr Iain MacLeod, MSc Graduate

Dr Inge Verbrugge, Associate Staff Scientist, The Netherlands Cancer Institute

Dr Jens Katzek, Biochemist

Niels de Wit, Research Technician, Netherlands Cancer Institute-Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital

Norbert Bittner, PhD student

Mr Christoffer Johnsson, PhD Student, Umeå Plant Science Centre

PD Dr Angela Mally, Associate Professor, University of Würzburg

Dr Andreas Steup, Biologist

Dr rer nat Florian Gerdes, Scientist

4 See http://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/climateGMOconsensus.pdf for a list and a comparison with consensus positions on climate change.