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'The Ugly Truth'

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We work with scientists across the world to make sense of scientific and medical claims in the public arena and to share our approach with organisations abroad. Our growing international Voice of Young Science (VoYS) network engages hundreds of early career researchers in public discussion about research and evidence.

Since 2009 our regular programme of VoYS activities has expanded internationally, with events and workshops having taken place in the US, China, Portugal, Slovenia, Italy and South Africa. The VoYS ethos of standing up for science, pursued through myth-busting publications and promoting scientific scrutiny, has received a lot of media attention, which has helped it become a network with its own momentum, attracting new members from around the world.

ESOF 2010Are you an early career researcher? Find out how to join the network and find our about activities in the USA.

We are launching the Ask for Evidence campaign in the US which encourges everyone to ask for evidence behind claims in media, policy and advertising. We have also been working with publishers and other organisations in the US to popularise an understanding of the peer review process to help people make sense of science stories.

If you are an organisation from outside the UK that are interested in finding out more about our international work or want to partner a project, please contact

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