The John Maddox Prize

Nominations for the 2015 John Maddox Prize are now open

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Plant Science Panel

Insecticides, biofuels, GMOs …

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Ask for Evidence

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Our funding policy

  • Sense About Science's principal funding is through grants and donations in respect of its core aims.
  • Occasional direct sponsorship of activities will be by written agreement.
  • Donations do not entitle any individual or organisation to decision-making authority. External funding will not divert Sense About Science from its agreed aims and values.
  • Donations will normally be acknowledged in public reports and accounts.

Donations from individuals and small private trusts will be acknowledged at the request of the donor. Direct sponsorship of activities will also be acknowledged on related publicity.

Questions about funding should be addressed in writing, with a return postal address, to: The Board of Trustees, Sense About Science, 14A Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DP.