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Past VoYS USA events

Previous workshops

The most recent VoYS Standing up for Science media workshop was held in Cambridge, MA on April 24th 2012, as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

Photos of the day:

Audience VoYS Cambridge April 1

Audience VoYS Cambridge April 2







Audience VoYS Cambridge April 3Panel VoYS Cambridge April








See the discussion around April 24 workshop on twitter.

Science in the media

Speakers include: Dr Shawn Douglas, fellow at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering; Professor Lorna Gibson, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT; Dr Willy Lensch, Principal Faculty and Faculty Director of Education, Harvard Stem Cell Institute.

What journalists are looking for

Speakers include: Gino del Guercio, documentary filmmaker, Adjunct Professor, Boston University’s College of Communication; Tinker Ready, freelance health and science writer, Boston Health News & Nature Boston; Stephen Smith, City Editor, Boston Globe.

Standing up for science; the nuts and bolts

Speakers include: B. D. Colen, Sr. Communications Officer for University Science, Harvard University; Leonor Sierra, International Science and Policy Manager, Sense About Science, Luke Stoeckel, Director of Clinical Neuroscience and Staff Training, MGH-Harvard Center for Addiction Medicine, & VoYS US Representative.

For further information see our flyer.


VoYS USA held its first Standing Up for Science media workshop on 10th February 2012 at the Broad Institute, Cambridge, MA. 

Photos of the day:


Read participants' comments and blogs about the workshop here: First Sense About Science US Workshop was tremendous, Standing up for Science, part 1, Standing up for Science, part 2.

See the discussion around the day on twitter as captured by a Storify.

Details of the workshop can be found on the flyer, and further information about the Standing up for Science media workshops is available in our VoYS section of the website.

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