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Peer review workshops

Find out about peer review.
Debate challenges to the system.
Discuss the role of peer review for scientists and the public.

Sense About Science will hold two workshops on Peer Review in 2014. Peer Review: The Nuts and Bolts is a free half-day workshop for early career researchers and explores how peer review works, how to get involved, the challenges to the system, and the role of peer review in helping the public to evaluate research claims. Find out more about peer review in this guide.

Upcoming workshops:

  • University of St Andrews, 21st November 2014. We start taking applications about two months before a workshop.

Past workshops:

Contact Victoria with any queries.

In partnership with

Peer Review programme partners


BioMed Central
Medical Research Council
Taylor & Francis
Wiley - enter Wiley's essay writing competition by Monday 18th August to win a place to attend and take part in the annual STM Frankfurt Conference.

And our hosts, King's College London and the University of St Andrews

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