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Plant scientists answer your questions

The Rothamsted researchers' appeal gave rise to questions about all aspects of genetic modification and plant research, which set an interesting agenda for discussion about plant science. We and the researchers worked to develop this dialogue, sorting them into themes and pursuing responses. See below for the results of this discussion.

We are carrying on these discussions on our food and agriculture pages, where you can see what topics we have been discussed more recently. You can send questions by email to enquiries@senseaboutscience.org or Tweet us @senseaboutsci using #plantsci.


Friday 3rd August 2012: Professors Jonathan Jones and Huw Jones answer your questions on safety and regulation of GM.

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Wednesday 25th July 2012: Professor Huw Jones answers more questions on genes and testing of GM crops.

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Thursday 19th July 2012: Dr Gia Aradottir answers your questions on consumption of GM crops.

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Tuesday 17th July 2012: Dr Toby Bruce and Dr Wendy Harwood answer more questions on GM trials, super-weeds, and ecosystems. 

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Tuesday 22nd May 2012: Part 2 of the transcript of the 10th May visit to Rothamsted recorded by Pod Delusion is available with thanks to Karen Hall (@DoubleH_Doulas)


Monday 21st May 2012: Professor Maurice Moloney and Professor Jonathan Jones answered your questions on commercialisation of research. 

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Thursday 17th May 2012: Part 1 of the transcript of the 10th May visit to Rothamsted recorded by Pod Delusion is available with thanks to Karen Hall (@DoubleH_Doulas)


Monday 14th May 2012: The full length recording of our visit to Rothamsted is available from PodDelusion.


Thursday 10th May 2012: We went to a rainy field in Rothamsted to ask Dr Toby Bruce and Professor Huw Jones your questions about the development of the GM wheat and why it is being grown outside.

Some material from this is featured in the Pod Delusion podcast (episode 135)


Friday 4th May 2012: Plant scientists Dr Wendy Harwood and Professor Huw Jones answer your questions on cross pollination

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