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Nominations for the Maddox Prize for Standing up for Science

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The anti-lobbying clause

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'The Ugly Truth'

by Tracey Brown, director of Sense About Science

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Measuring government transparency

New framework rates use of evidence

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Voice of Young Science USA

The Voice of Young Science (VoYS) program encourages early career researchers to play an active role in public debates about science.

Upcoming Standing up for Science media workshops

San Jose, 3:15pm -5:15pm of Friday February 13, 2015:This free half-day workshop is open to PhD students, post-docs, or equivalent in industry, in science, engineering and medicine. The workshop will close with an Ask for Evidence launch event and drinks reception with speakers and guests from the AAAS Annual Meeting from 5:30pm.
To apply: Sign up here and see flyer for details. Please include your institution, your current position and any other affiliations.

University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA -  Wednesday February 18, 2015: This free full day workshop is open to PhD students, post-docs, or equivalent in industry, in science, engineering and medicine. For further details see the flyer. Apply now!

For further information on VoYS USA and how to get involved email Neda. To find out more on VoYS myth-busting, evidence-hunting campaigns and publications see the VoYS pages.

Ask for Evidence US Launch

We held an Ask for Evidence Boot Camp for early career researchers at the MIT Museum, Cambridge MA, on February 13th 2013. Find out more about Ask for Evidence USA.

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VoYS pinboard

  • Top tip 1: Ask for Evidence. If you’re being sold a product or asked to believe a claim then you deserve to know whether it’s based on evidence – or imagination.

  • Top tip 2: Detox. It’s a marketing myth – our body does it without pricey potions and detox diets.

  • Top tip 3: Superfood. There is no such thing, just foods that are high in some nutrients.

  • Top tip 4: Cleansing. You shouldn’t be trying to cleanse anything other than your skin or hair.

  • Top tip 5: If it sounds too good to be true… it probably is.

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