The 2015 John Maddox Prize winners

Prof Edzard Ernst and Prof Susan Jebb

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AllTrials launched in the US with 50 supporting organisations

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Annual Lecture 2015: The Ugly Truth

by Tracey Brown, director of Sense About Science

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Ask for Evidence

in policy, advertising, media and more ...

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VoYS mythbusting and evidence hunting campaigns have shown the impact that early career researchers can have on raising the quality of science in public discussions.



VoYS campaigns have included calling up companies to ask for the evidence behind product claims and working with medics in Africa to pressure the World Health Organisation to condemn the promotion of homeopathy for serious diseases in Africa.

Their campaigns have received wide media coverage and highlight the need to question the evidence, promote scientific reasoning and stand up against bad science. They illustrate that young scientists have a strong voice and you do not need to be an expert to make a difference and encourage public scrutiny.


Email Victoria for details on how you can be involved in VoYS campaigns.

VoYS pinboard

  • Top tip 1: Ask for Evidence. If you’re being sold a product or asked to believe a claim then you deserve to know whether it’s based on evidence – or imagination.

  • Top tip 2: Detox. It’s a marketing myth – our body does it without pricey potions and detox diets.

  • Top tip 3: Superfood. There is no such thing, just foods that are high in some nutrients.

  • Top tip 4: Cleansing. You shouldn’t be trying to cleanse anything other than your skin or hair.

  • Top tip 5: If it sounds too good to be true… it probably is.

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