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VoYS – Voice of Young Science

The Voice of Young Science (VoYS) programme encourages early career researchers to play an active role in public debates about science.

Following the launch of our Standing up for Science media workshops in 2005, participants have formed a supportive network through involvement in myth-busting and evidence-hunting campaigns and producing their own publications to inspire their peers.

See VoYS News to find out what our network members have been doing lately. 


The VoYS network

The network consists of over 1500 early career researchers, engineers, scientists and medics who want to stand up for science in public discussions. VoYS members tackle misconceptions, challenge pseudoscientific product claims and respond to misinformation in all kinds of media.

VoYS members also encourage other early career researchers to get involved, sending the message that it is important for scientists to stand up for science in public discussion and that you don't need to wait until the end of your career to do so.

Watch a short film about the VoYS network:

With many thanks to Molly Hurley-Depret at Serendipity Communications for creating the video.
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Comments from VoYS members

"Early career scientists don't get many opportunities to speak about science and yet they are often the ones who feel most passionately about it. VoYS offered us not only a voice, but the chance to confront the bogus science head-on."

“Beyond outreach in schools, the research community does not always encourage young scientists to engage with science in the public domain , but I firmly believe that they have an important voice. Being a VoYS member gave me the confidence and support to act on that belief.”

"The great thing about VoYS is that if there is something that concerns you, you won't be on your own. There'll be a whole team of people you can discuss and act with, so together you have a stronger voice.”

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