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Petition and comments

6060 people have signed the petition

The Don't Destroy Research petition is now closed, many thanks to everyone who signed it. Below is the list of signatories and their comments. You can also see a collection of public support for the Rothamsted researchers' appeal here.

The planned direct action against the GM wheat experiment at Rothamsted did not happen on Sunday 27th May. The GM wheat trial is ongoing.


Tori, ONAQtL51U3H
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Danielle Di Donato, Student
I believe the group who is causing harm is confused as to who their enemy is. Monsanto is their enemy, not the publicly funded scientists trying to advance our knowledge. After learning about biotechnology in undergrad, I defended the field until I learned more about what Monstanto has done. Creating plants resistant to their pesticides, and making farmers solely dependent on them, and contaminating local farms with their crop. I became angry at the thought of GMO as a whole. However stories like one this bring me back to the scientist in me, and make me realize that it is not GMO that is the enemy, it is what is done with the GMO in the hands of the profit seeking giants. I believe that the government I'm from Canada) needs to start putting stricter rules on WHAT should be allowed to be experimented with and where those crops can be planted for experiment, but I do NOT believe in destroying science the way these people did. I cannot imagine this happening to my own research. It is like scientific genocide. Little do they know they are hurting the good guys. The people who are probably on their side in some way.




Jonny Taylor, PhD Student Atmospheric Science

Gerard Capes, Research Scientist

Steven Neill, University Dean
I believe that scientists must be guided by society. Thus at present we do not grow GM crops commercially in the UK. As scientists, we have a duty to seek permsision - and regulation - for our experiments. We do this through Government bodies - ie committees set up by our democratically elected Government. In this case this is exactly what has happened. These small-scale trials have been approved by an expert reference group and deemed 'acceptably safe'. Thus, although the protestors of course have a right to protest, they have absolutey no right whatsoever - and no mandate - to interrupt or damage the experiment.

Andrew Wilson , Technology Transfer Project Manager

Lesley Cashin, Personal Assistant
I fully support this research

stephen Ewart, software engineer

Mahn England, Architect

Christoforos Anagnostopoulos, Lecturer in Statistics

Janette Lamb, Research Scientist

Sarah Evanega, Academic

Laura Pons Pellicé, Student

Susan Williams, Writer

András Ökrös, Software Developer

Kerry Gilbert, Scientific Manager
Having worked in research to understand how pollen flows from crops, I know that it is highly unlikely that these plants will 'contaminate' others. Genes cannot jump from one plant to another, otherwise GM wouldn't actually work!

Elizabeth Collins, Foster Carer

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