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Making Sense of Statistics

This guide is not a lesson in statistics. It provides the questions to ask and identifies the pitfalls to avoid to help us get behind news stories that use statistics.

But when confronted with stories such as “Diabetes drug raises death risk by 60pc”, “Gender pay gap still as high as 50%” and “Polls puts Tories up to 7% ahead”, how can we work out whether to believe them and what they really mean? Dismissing all statistics as just ‘lies’ does not help us get to grips with a story. By working through the points in the guide we can work out what the figures might be telling us.

To coincide with the publication's release and the 2010 General Elections, we also released an accompanying short guide, Making Sense of Statistics in an election.

You can listen here to Leonor talking about statistics on Hayes FM

Author: Sense About Science

Document type: Making Sense Of

Published: 29 April 2010


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