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Sense About Brain Gym Image

Sense About Brain Gym

Countering the pseudoscientific claims made about 'Brain Gym'

Sense About Science has been receiving calls from parents and teachers who are concerned about the use of ‘Brain Gym’ - a programme of teacher-led physical exercises claimed to improve cognitive abilities - in primary schools.

These exercises are being taught with pseudoscientific explanations that undermine science teaching and mislead children about how their bodies work.

Working with neuroscientists and physiologists we have produced a series of responses to the claims made in the Brain Gym Teachers’ Edition.

The director of Sense About Science, in association with The Physiological Society and the British Neuroscience Association, has written to local authorities to ask them to make this material available to schools in their area.

Document type: Sense About

Published: 1 April 2008


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